My Diaper Stories

The Community
This story is inspired by John Varley’s A Persistence of Vision. Eventually this will be part of my fantasy trilogy novella collection.

Yours Truly, Johnny Diaper
In the style of the old-time radio drama, the story of the man with the action-packed diaper.

A Very Brady Bathroom

Ever wonder why you never see the toilets in The Brady Bunch bathroom?

Weekend at Mary’s

A boy visits his girlfriend and ends up getting the family discipline.

Socks and Underwear

A boy makes out a special Christmas list but figures he’ll just get socks and underwear.

Tyler Becomes A Baby

Tyler gets a special punishment at school, but it grows beyond that. A sequel to this story is currently being serialized on under the title “The Babies of Madison County.”

Fifty Shades of Gold

My take on the Fifty Shades series. Similar idea, different kink.

Answering to the TVPC

This is part of “Arnold Ziffel’s” stories about the school Toilet Violations Punishment Committee over on This one written from the point of view of a girl who gets the dreaded “toilet suspension.”

Alternative School

This is the start to a story about a boy who ends up in a special school for misbehaving boys.

Restricted License

A man gets caught speeding and gets an unusual restriction on his license.

Spring Break Project

This is the story of a boy who decides to help the girl of her dreams on a school project over spring break. Warning; mild teen-on-teen sexual activity inside.

Adventure In Tights

Some diapers in this, but mostly a boy on a gender adventure.

The Secret Life Of Altar Boys

Joe finds out there is a special mystique in the altar boy corps at his church.

Visit From the Diaper Lady

Bill decides to wear diapers and gets some help from the Diaper Lady.

New Years Baby

A man wakes up in a diaper on New Year’s morning not sure how he got there.

Diapered Disney

Billy and his sister visit Disney.

The Device

After his accident a man gets a device that will let him live a normal life, or so he thought…

Foreign Exchange

Will spends his junior year in a land where strange customs prevail.