Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You got questions, I’ve got answers.

How do I reach you?

You can leave a post here, but it’s probably easier if you email me at WillNotWill on yahoo mail.   You can also contact me with the same user name at DailyDiapers.Com or Adisc.Com.

I saw a story of yours on <insert site here> but it’s gone.    Can you get me a copy.

Sure.   Shoot me a line.   I’ve got a directory full of stories that I’ve posted on other sites.  I’m working through them cleaning them up and posting them here, but if you’ve got a favorite, I can push it up in the queue.

What about copyright?


All these stories are copyrighted by me.   Feel free to make copies for yourself.   Please, do NOT put these up on other internet sites or add them to various story distributions.   I worked hard writing these and I’ll aggressively pursue any site that infringes on these.   I’ve gotten more than a few shutdown.   If you’d like to post one on your site, please write for permission.

What story are you writing next?

Most of my new stuff is tested out on the story area of   Look for me in their story forum.

I also have three stories in one series (Paulina, Paul, and College In and Out of diapers) that I’m working into a novel which will be available on Amazon.    I also have a set of three stories that are a bit on the fantasy side (The Community, Night Defender, Almost Normal, and possibly one other).    I don’t usually write in alternate realities (rather than stretching this one a bit), but those are pretty good stories and I’m planning on publishing them in a combined volume.