About Will

Welcome to my site.    I’ve been interested in diapers and related stories for a long time.   I started writing stories on alt.sex.fetish.diapers and the old CompuServe Human Sexuality Forums.    My writings have come a long way since then.

My story:

I don’t recall wearing diapers as a small child, but I do remember having my first pair of “big boy” underwear.    I do recall seeing pictures of myself in a milky white (likely Sears Best) plastic pants over cloth diaper.    I do remember one evening when my mother didn’t have underwear for my sister and remember her going to the closet where the diapers were kept to get one for her.

In kindergarten, two things happened that shaped my future.   One was that because our teacher was involved in organizing the school Christmas pageant, we were left in the care of a sixth grader who was quite a tyrant.   She’d randomly punish us if we couldn’t say her name (to this day I think it might have been Vannessa, though we called her Natasha after the Rocky and Bullwinkle character).

I remember the injustice of being locked in a dark closet for some imagined transgression of hers.   This led me to develop a school punishment fantasy.

The other thing that happened was that we had a lot of problem with kids flushing paper towels and such and stopping the toilets up.    I remember more than one occasion sitting on my chair watching the water flow beneath my desk.   It gave me a big fear of public toilets.

As time went on I got to middle school and had “sent to the office” fantasies of various punishments meted out.    About the same time, my sister and I saw adult diapers in the Sears catalog and thought that was pretty weird.    Eventually, I worked these into the punishment fantasies

I kind of suppressed this whole thing (though I bought diapers from various places) until I got my first CompuServe account.   I found the Human Sexuality forum which had a diaper lover group on it and that led me to the original Diaper Pale Fellowship group.   It was the first time I realized there were others like me.